Web Shoot

Last week I did a photo shoot for Fathom, an awesome design company out of Hartford. The shoot was for the ALA Nutmeg Chapters new website that Fathom is designing. The graphic designer who designed the website was 1 of my 2007 wedding clients Michelle.
The attorneys were so easy to work with and it was great to work with Michelle too. We did a bunch of head shots and some "natural" setting shots. It's a challenge to get different good photos of a meeting where everyone sits around a table engaging in discussion, but I think we pulled it off. Here are a few shots from the day.
Also check out the "who we are" page on the Fathom website too. It's pretty cool.
Oh yeah and this was shot with a rented D300 (I'll be buying 1 soon) and a the head shots were done with the 85 f/1.4 nikon lens. What an amazing piece of glass!