I couldn't be more thankful for the life I have. 2 healthy kids, an amazing wife, caring family, etc etc. But here is a fun little list of products/things that I'm thankful for in my photography life: SD7_1677

1. Fuji x100s - love this little guy. My new travel camera

2. Artifacts Uprising - Awesome products

3. Lacie Rugged Harddrive - perfect little hard drive and will take its bumps and bruises and keep on ticking

4. Photo Mechanic - great piece of software that has saved me hours culling images

5. Blog Stomp - Also has saved me hours putting together blog posts in no time

6. ShootQ - studio management that keeps me organized

7. Album Exposure - Great way to share albums with clients

8. Spider Holster - I use the single camera holster and it's definitely a shoulder and back saver.

9. Think Tank - Love me some Think Tank products.

10. PASS - How I share all of my wedding images to clients

11. Nikon - Of course. I currently use the D3s as my main camera

12. 50mm f1.4 lens - My favorite lens

13. Lexar Stackable Card Readers - I use 4 of these beast to download cards in no time

14. WHCC - Where I get all of my prints

15. Apple MacBook Pro - My best friend.

16. Loktah - I get my guestbooks from here

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!