My first ever bridal show turned out to be a successful experience. I didn't know what to expect going in but everything worked out great. Once I knew I was going to do the show I wanted to do something a little different than just the standard table and photos so I got to thinking. I jotted down a few ideas I had and kept an eye for things around me that inspired me. I pulled the wood backdrop you'll see below from a Crate & Barrel in-store showcase that I saw and tried to carry the theme throughout the entire booth.  I also wanted a way to run a slideshow throughout the day but didn't just want a computer screen sitting on a table. So we build a custom frame-box for the computer to sit in. Worked out perfectly. I ran these ideas by my crafty father and BOOM...a couple days later he built our set. I think he can make anything! Thanks Dad for all your help!

The space we had was a little tight for our booth but we made it work.

Below are the pricing guides I designed for the show. It was just 3 5x7 postcards hole punched and tied together. They were a big hit!

3 cheap painters lights were a fun touch to the booth and really made my prints stand out.