Nikki & Scott | Riverview | Simsbury CT | Wedding Photography

Wow what a year 2012 was and what a way to finish it off. I'm not going to lie...I was a little nervous going into this wedding on December 29th. A night wedding with NO natural light at all and a forecast of 6-8 inches of snow! Perfect settings for photography! NOPE. So I racked my brain with ideas and a game plan and a backup plan and a backup plan to that. That's the thing about wedding never know what the day will be like. Yeah you have a timeline and things are suppose to happen a certain way, but they rarely do and as a photographer you have to be excuses.Anyways with these conditions I couldn't ask for a better couple than Nikki & Scott. I asked them a few times beforehand if they were up for doing some photos in the snow. Were they up for it?! They were doing snow angels in their wedding clothes! REALLY! Thanks to Nikki and Scott for being such good sports about the weather and helping make some cool photos. Also a special thanks to my Pops, Steve, for putting up with me bossing him around and for being my light man. He brought the light to a very dark snowy night...literally! Thanks


These are the conditions we were dealing with!!