new air in the tires

This is the time of year I wrap up 2011 and start prepping for the 2012 season. There's never much down time between "wedding seasons" but the winter gives me a little more time to sharpen my skills and get out there and learn as much as I could. 1 of my goals for 2012 is to push myself to learn, learn, learn and practice. That's the theme for the new year. Seminars, classes, etc but most importantly getting out there and shooting. Yes I'll be shooting plenty of weddings, engagements and portraits (which I love!) but I want to shoot many more personal projects. Of course I'll be hounding my son Anthony with the camera but I will be challenging myself to shoot new subjects and execute new ideas I have. I'm pretty excited about the clients I'll be working with and some of the things I'll be doing this year. Should be a fun ride.

My other big goal is to carve out more time for myself and my family. I feel like I have a decent work/personal life balance, but I just need a little more time to do nothing. To think, refresh my mind, to read more and hang with De and Ant.

I'm looking forward to shinning up the spokes, putting new air in the tires, jumping back on the bike and climbing to bigger and better places.