Michelle & Tony | Engagement

This was such a fun early morning shoot on a small, private airport. The shot with the plane flying over Michelle and Tony at the end of this post was was 1 of the scariest moments for me! Even though we were warned by the 17 year old pilot that it's going to look like the plane is flying right at us until the last moment, I still wasn't ready for that. I'm lucky I was able to get that shot because I was about to barrel roll out of the way and yell to the couple "GET DOWN".  It probably wasn't that close but too close for me. Anyways enjoy a few photos from the shoot. michelle_tony_e_020michelle_tony_e_037michelle_tony_e_050michelle_tony_e_054michelle_tony_e_069michelle_tony_e_086michelle_tony_e_128michelle_tony_e_137michelle_tony_e_147michelle_tony_e_164michelle_tony_e_186michelle_tony_e_199michelle_tony_e_215michelle_tony_e_222michelle_tony_e_258michelle_tony_e_276michelle_tony_e_280michelle_tony_e_290