Lighthouse Point Wedding | Kathryn + Bryan

What a fun wedding at a great venue (Lighthouse Point). When the first look has a carousel for a backdrop and later that night they roll in a cupcake truck (Nora's), you know you're in for a good wedding. Take a look at some of my favorites from the day. kath_bry_w0004 kath_bry_w0060 kath_bry_w0100 kath_bry_w0117 kath_bry_w0131 kath_bry_w0164 kath_bry_w0171 kath_bry_w0180 kath_bry_w0226 kath_bry_w0245 kath_bry_w0255 kath_bry_w0291 kath_bry_w0301 kath_bry_w0322 kath_bry_w0352 kath_bry_w0368 kath_bry_w0374 kath_bry_w0377 kath_bry_w0401 kath_bry_w0424 kath_bry_w0437 kath_bry_w0451 kath_bry_w0556 kath_bry_w0566 kath_bry_w0582 kath_bry_w0594 kath_bry_w0610 kath_bry_w0624 kath_bry_w0655 kath_bry_w0676 kath_bry_w0688 kath_bry_w0712 kath_bry_w0721 kath_bry_w0750 kath_bry_w0756 kath_bry_w0763 kath_bry_w0858 kath_bry_w0862 kath_bry_w0886 kath_bry_w0923 kath_bry_w0944 kath_bry_w0950 kath_bry_w0978 kath_bry_w0979 kath_bry_w1020 kath_bry_w1022 kath_bry_w1026 kath_bry_w1081 kath_bry_w1182 kath_bry_w1193 kath_bry_w1210 kath_bry_w1216 kath_bry_w1229 kath_bry_w1250 kath_bry_w1288 kath_bry_w1296 kath_bry_w1329 kath_bry_w1344 kath_bry_w1356 kath_bry_w1369 kath_bry_w1420 kath_bry_w1435 kath_bry_w1480 kath_bry_w1601Venue: Lighthouse Point Park | Makeup Artist: Amici Salon and Spa | Hair Stylist: Amici Salon and Spa | Caterer: Fitzgerald's Fine Catering | Florist: Branford Flowers | Cake Artist: NoRA Cupcake Company | Dress: The White Dress by the shore | DJ: John Saville Entertainment | Videographer: Reminisce Video Productions