Home Renovations

I've been trying to get around to these posts for a while now and finally got it done. I love seeing before and after room/house renovations so I thought I'd share my latest project...my bathroom remodel. I did a remodel of my other bathroom at couple years ago here and recently finished up my other bathroom. The before pictures are from 5 years ago so this isn't exactly how our bathroom looked. About 4 years back we did a basic remodel of it by painting the walls and updating the vanity, mirror and window dressing. But recently we did more of a major remodel. We took out the old claw foot tub and had a new tub put in. I tiled the floor, put in a new toilet and added the white dresser for storage. And of course hung up a few framed photos. Take a look. It's quite the transformation.

Oh and all of the boxes you see in the before pictures are wedding shower gifts! 5 years ago we closed on our house the same week we got married (stressful!) and we had the all of the floors in the entire house refinished and this bathroom was the only place we could store all of our gifts.