Well today was a rare Friday where both Deana and I have the day off. She's on her Feb vacation from teaching and I had nothing going on today so it was my idea to take a hike in the snow up to Castle Craig in Meriden.
It was a little cold but we were all bundled up. Deana wasn't too thrilled about the idea
(she's not exactly the outdoorsy type) but was a good sport and made it up to the top with me. She tried to give up a few times but I got her to go all the way. At 1 point up the mountain she said...and I quote, "this is 1 of the top 5 worst days of my life" and "If we were on a date, I would dump you...after you bought me lunch." hahahahaha. She's the best. A little soup and sandwich afterwards made her feel a whole lot better (and she didn't dump me). I had a blast!! and Deana's comments were cracking me up the whole way up and down the mountain. Check it out.
Thanks Deana for making my day and being a good sport!




Here we are at the top!


How cute is this shot!