Yesterday I was called up to do a headshot for a lawfirm in Hartford. It's actually funny because they are divorce attorneys and I'm a wedding photographer which is pretty ironic. They are a great bunch of people and I've done a few jobs for them in the past.

I took a couple photos of the set up for a little behind the scenes look. I don't have the permission to post the final product so you'll have to use your imagination.

I used a 3 strobe setup. 2 pointing at the cream colored wall in the background which totally blows out the color and then 1 light in a shoot through ubrella to light the subject. I needed a little fill light on the right side so I set up my reflector to give me a little bounce from the umbrella light. It was a pretty small room with low ceilings but I was able to get some good shots. Enjoy your Thursday!

Here's the room without the background strobes going off.

The red circles are where my strobes are.