Gina & Dan | New York City | Engagement

With my genius navigation skills, I plugged Gina and Dan's address into my GPS but I made 1 little error. I had most of the address correct except for the city. I put in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Other than that it was a perfect day in NYC. I'm lucky to have such easy-going couples that are a pleasure to work with. Enjoy. dan_gina_blog01dan_gina_blog02dan_gina_blog03dan_gina_blog04dan_gina_blog05dan_gina_blog06dan_gina_blog07dan_gina_blog08dan_gina_blog09dan_gina_blog10dan_gina_blog11dan_gina_blog12dan_gina_blog13dan_gina_blog14dan_gina_blog15dan_gina_blog16dan_gina_blog17dan_gina_blog18dan_gina_blog19dan_gina_blog20dan_gina_blog21dan_gina_blog22dan_gina_blog23dan_gina_blog24dan_gina_blog25