Gia's Nursey

I've been meaning to post this for a while and this is mainly the product of my talented wife. I sprinkled a few ideas in here and there. Actually quite a few of the project were my idea! Check it out.  

Hamper and rustic mirrori'm a big fan of the wallpaper. That was all Deana. (and my dad)The "G" was from Etsyfound these old vases stashed away in the basementthe doorknob project was an idea we saw on pinterest. we modified it a little. The wood was from an old beam that use to hang in our house and the knobs are from Anthropology. the window on the wall was our old living room window. I simply found some stencils, painted GIA on the glass and nailed it to the wall. I love how when you have the light on it casts a faint shadow on the wall of's the final result. It was a fairly small space to work with but I think we made the most of it. And most importantly Gia likes it. 

And i'll leave you with G & A