Here's the fishing trip wrap up. I think we all caught double digit fish! It was crazy. As soon as we casted out the fish were biting. Here's a collage of all of us and the fish.


Today I'm off to camp out with my father, my 2 brothers and my sisters boyfriend Ben. We're camping out tonight, and waking up extremely early to do some fishing. It's kind of becoming a tradition to do this every year. This is the post from last year. Last year we didn't catch 1 thing! Our excuse was that the river had flooded the week before makng it hard to catch anything. I'm not leaving this year until and catch a few. My Dad (a teacher) is on his April break and has been having good luck already this week with fish. Heres a photo he just sent me.

I'll be posting some photos when I get back. Wish me luck.