Family Album

Our yearly family album just arrived! The past 2 years I've put together a yearly recap family album. I'm going to attempt to do 1 every year. It definitely can be a daunting task with the amount of photos I accumulate but the key is organization! At the beginning of each year I'll put together a folder structure on my desktop with the main folder being whatever year we're in and then inside of that are 12 month folders. Then every time I import a memory card it goes right inside the month folder and then inside a subfolder labeled with the exact date and titled with what the photos are of. You can see a pic of the folder structure below. Very simple. Then I gather my favorite images from each folder and make 1 main folder of the "best of" to import into lightroom. Then from there it is easy easy. I use blurb to print and bind the book which works seamlessly with Lightroom. There are over 200 pages in my 2012 album. Check out some images below and a few page lay outs below that. 1 more thing before you get into the photos. I wanted to write a quick note on why I think an album (family, wedding, etc) is important. And this is strictly my opinion. I'll get into this more in an upcoming post. Having an actual album, especially a wedding album, is a must-have to me. These days clients are receiving hundreds and thousands of digital image files, proofs etc. When you want to share your wedding images with someone or just take a look back yourself, it's not really practical to say "here are 1500 image you can scroll through on my computer." See you in 12 hours! Not the best viewing experience. An album will focus in on the best of the best images that tell the story of your day. It will give you a sense of the emotional ride your were on from start to finish in a book. It's such a nice viewing experience. I'm a huge fan of holding something and literally feeling the images. Flipping through a well made photo album with your hands is, to me, the best way to experience your wedding images.  Well that's more than I wanted to say for now but stay tuned for a post in the near future specifically on my wedding albums. I have some new cover options this year and a new guestbook option coming soon.