Emily + Rob | Steamboat Springs | Bella Vista | Colorado

Where do I begin with this wedding. I've known Rob for a while now. Some would say I went to college with him but Rob was just AT my college all of the time. He didn't actually go there. He might be considered an alumni now for all the time he spent there. My 4 year college roommate and Rob were best friends and that's how I got to know him. So my roommate Scott was the best man and a couple of my best buddies were also groomsmen.  By the way, the craziest bunch of groomsmen I've ever come across...and I mean that in the best way possible. Insanely awesome. Anyway Rob asked me to shoot the wedding a while back, thought about it for a few days, and knew it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. It was definitely an event with a bunch of nerves involved, between traveling with equipment, an insanely early flight home the morning after the wedding and mostly because Rob is an extremely talented photographer. If you want to see what I mean check out some of his work. CLICK HERE.  And shooting for a photographer always adds that extra element of nervousness. But with Rob and Emily things couldn't have worked out better. Emily and Rob are absolutely meant for each other. And are some of the nicest people I've met. The group of people they brought together in Steamboat was perfect. And they put on one heck of a weekend.

It was an honor and pleasure working with you Emily and Rob. Thanks for everything. Enjoy a little recap of an incredible wedding.