Dina & Hanna | NYC | Engagement

Wow what a day we had in NYC a couple of weeks ago. We started out in West NY, New Jersey with an incredible view of the NYC skyline, hopped on a bus to the city, went to Time Square, hung out with some Minions, hit up Central Park and walked the Highline. Thanks Dina and Hanna for taking my wife and I around the city and treating us to lunch! Can't wait for the wedding. ps -  thanks to my wife for tagging along for the day! dina_hanna_blog001dina_hanna_blog002dina_hanna_blog003dina_hanna_blog004dina_hanna_blog005dina_hanna_blog006dina_hanna_blog007dina_hanna_blog008dina_hanna_blog009dina_hanna_blog010dina_hanna_blog011dina_hanna_blog012dina_hanna_blog013dina_hanna_blog014dina_hanna_blog015dina_hanna_blog016dina_hanna_blog017dina_hanna_blog018dina_hanna_blog019dina_hanna_blog020dina_hanna_blog021dina_hanna_blog022dina_hanna_blog023dina_hanna_blog024dina_hanna_blog025dina_hanna_blog026dina_hanna_blog027dina_hanna_blog028dina_hanna_blog029dina_hanna_blog030dina_hanna_blog031dina_hanna_blog032dina_hanna_blog033