design: 101

i've been thinking about starting a weekly or monthly post where i talk about some sort of design element. perhaps an interior room design or a graphic design. i'm not totally sure where i want to take this yet but i want to try and give some ideas, tips, show images of the design world. and by no means am i an interior designer but i do have a graphic design background. my wife deana is a better "interior designer" than i am so i'm going to try and get her on here every once in a while with her thoughts. well launch the 1st design post i wanted to start with a bathroom makeover deana and i pulled off at our house. our upstairs bathroom wasn't looking so hot and the color was pretty bad. So check out what we did. We tried to keep it pretty low budget too. I think the total cost was about $250.

here's the BEFORE look

undefinedbefore undefinedbefore undefinedmore before undefinedAND AFTER!! undefinedwe went with a dark (thunder) gray wall and the white trim. i found a cheap $20 mirror and painted it white. undefinedfor the table/vanity you see i bought 2 $15 cube shelves from target and screwed an old door on top that i had in my basement. undefined undefinedwe bought a couple new sconces for about $40 each at home depot undefinedadded in a little yellow and painted the hardware a metallic gray undefined undefineduse some mason jars for counter top storage and there you have it! undefined

we love the new look and now will try hard to keep it clean!! check back for the 2nd edition of my design post (still thinking of a better name).

leave a comment on my blog or email me and let me know what you think of the idea and if you have any design topics you're interested in seeing. Thanks!