Cheshire Pizza

So here's a little peek at what I love shooting when I'm not shooting weddings. This was such a fun opportunity for me.  The husband/wife team that started the business is handing it off to their daughter and son-in-law. The son-in-law (Dimitri) wanted to preserve the character, heart and soul that was put into the restaurant.  Here's a little write up from the son-in-law. "What was intended to be a temporary opportunity to provide for one’s family turned out to be an amazing 40 year career for Mike and Hope Halkias, owners of Cheshire Pizza Restaurant. Mike and Hope have recently retired and daughter Rita and son-in-law Dimitri plan to take over the reign.

While this Cheshire landmark was able to provide for Mike and Hope’s family it also let them walk away with some invaluable friendships and memories.  The customers have become family to the couple and when asked about their retirement they stated that the customers is what they will miss the most.  When customers walk in you will often hear them call Hope “Mama”; she was a mother figure to many, even those that were older than her.

Leaving the place they called home for 40 years will definitely be tough on them however they are both proud and relieved that it will be staying within the family; allowing their legacy to continue and grow for years to come."