Block Island

I recently celebrated my 6 year anniversary with my amazing wife. For the past 6 years we've made the push to get out to Block Island to celebrate (usually without the kids).  It's always around this time when life is insanely busy, maybe a little more than usual. Our anniversary is right in the middle of my busy season and works out perfectly for a getaway. The trip is so relaxing and refreshing and always seems to rejuvenate and clear my head. I do NO work on this trip and get the best quality time with Deana, my absolute best friend. She makes everything I do possible and is insanely dedicated to our 2 kids. Always worrying, getting them ready for school, making their lunches,  making awesome plans for them, making their schedules, etc. Nothing gets by her. She's also an amazing wife. I love sharing my life with you Deana. Thanks for everything you do to make our life better. I couldn't do it without you. I do take a few photos in Block Island...check out a quick recap of 1 of my favorite places.

Beach, drinks, good food, mopeds, ocean breeze, the Spring House, The Oar, ice cream and the best wife...aahhhh!