Ashley & Dan | Part 1 | The Rehearsal

Here's part 1 of Ashley and Dan's amazing wedding weekend. I had the awesome opportunity to spend the weekend with them up in Aurora NY on Cayuga Lake. The night of the rehearsal started at the Aurora Inn for a quick ceremony run-thru and then everyone headed over to a beautiful bistro with some amazing scenery.  Both nights the sunsets were just perfect. Here's the 1st of 2 blog posts. The rehearsal. The wedding will be up next so check back soon. Enjoy a look at this beautiful event. And another thanks to Adam Coppola for coming along and grabbing some amazing photos. healy_re01_bloghealy_re02_bloghealy_re03_bloghealy_re04_bloghealy_re05_bloghealy_re06_bloghealy_re07_bloghealy_re08_bloghealy_re09_bloghealy_re10_bloghealy_re11_bloghealy_re12_bloghealy_re13_bloghealy_re14_bloghealy_re15_bloghealy_re16_bloghealy_re17_bloghealy_re18_bloghealy_re19_bloghealy_re20_bloghealy_re21_bloghealy_re22_bloghealy_re23_bloghealy_re24_bloghealy_re25_bloghealy_re26_bloghealy_re27_bloghealy_re28_bloghealy_re29_bloghealy_re30_bloghealy_re31_bloghealy_re32_bloghealy_re33_bloghealy_re34_blog