Who i am

Here are a few things about me that I thought you should know:

1. I LOVE my family…I have the sweetest little girl and the kindest little boy. Oh and my wife is pretty amazing too.

2. I’m a sports nut…Love playing them, photographing them and watching them.

3. I love building and refinishing stuff…I built a bar in my barn out of 200 year old wood. Yup I have a barn. Next step: convincing my wife to let me get chickens. 

4. I love to cook…Breakfast is my specialty. Come on, it's the best meal of the day. Brunch is right up there too. New obsession is attempting to make sourdough bread.

5. I have a major coffee addiction…2 kids under 9 = CAFFEINE PLEASE!

6. I love a good craft beer. Tried brewing my own once...let's just say I'll stick to my day job. 

7. I don’t sleep much. Not totally by choice. 

8. I play ping pong. In my circle of people I'm pretty good, but that's not really saying much. 

9. I love fishing from my kayak, camping, roasting marshmallows, and a nice camp fire.

10. I live in a historic house with a big red barn (circa 1740). The house was originally the Thomas Park Tavern. How cool is that!

11. I have a pretty sweet garden. Tomatoe, zucchini, basil, cuccs, peppers, lettuce are the standards for me. 

12. I love all things photography and design. 

13. I’m a bad speller but I’m married to a teacher who often corrects me.

14. I studied studio art, graphic design and photography in college.


I graduated from Marist College in 2002 as a graphic designer and started Tony Spinelli Photography in 2007. I do what I absolutely love. Photography allows me to meet and work with incredible people and travel the world. I've photographed weddings in Ireland, Mexico, Colorado, and all over the Northeast. If you want to contact me and talk more about having me capture your wedding day click on the contact tab, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch. Thanks!



I have two reasons...my son Anthony and my daughter Gia.

When my kids were about two I was lucky enough to stay home with them one or two days during the week. We never had a plan going into the day. We would wake up (super early!), sometimes stay in our pajamas all day and get lost in our imaginations. They were magical days. They were frustrating, demanding, silly and noisy. We danced and sang. We cried and laughed. We grass-stained our knees and got dirt under our fingernails. We rode bikes and played ball. We ate junk food and watched TV. We yelled and got mad at each other. We were ourselves. Those were such pure, raw days for us. That was who we were at that time in our lives. One day when Anthony and Gia were two I decided to grab my camera and document a full day. We did what we did and I documented it. 

Now I have priceless images that I cherish. I have images I can show my kids as they grow up and hopefully my future grandkids. I have these memories to hold in my hands when Gia leaves for college or Anthony gets married. I have these moments that we made together. Our moments. Moments no one can take away from us. Moments I can relive through my photographs.

This is what I want to create for you on your wedding day. I have the same idea in my mind when I photograph weddings.  I want to hand you something that you can cherish for decades. Something you can show your grandkids. I want to keep your story alive so it can be retold again and again.