Rally Bat

The other day a friend of mine asked me to photograph some wood bats for his website(not yet updated with the new photos seeing that I haven't gotten them to him yet) and promotional pieces. Bunty owns a wood bat making company (Rally Bat) and puts out a great product. I was really impressed with the make of these bats and the professional look they had.

I dont do too many product shoots, so I thought I should take advantage of my basement. I set up a make shift studio with a backdrop and a few off camera lights. I studied Zack Arias' blog for a while and practiced some studio lighting techniques. It's amazing what you can do with a few flashes and a white background. I plan on doing some nice clean headshots with this set up in the future.

Here's a shot showing off some of the custom bats they design.

And I thought I'd pop off some test headshots on myself seeing that no one else was around. I got a little carried away. This is what a dark basement and day off will do to you.